In today’s digital era, mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives, with various types of mobile apps that help facilitate people’s needs.

Hence, tech companies are launching many mobile applications due to the demand for innovative mobile apps.

However, it doesn’t just stop there. After tech companies launch new mobile apps, they must make the right marketing strategy to introduce their new brand. 

In this case, animated explainer videos are one of the most effective and appropriate choices in introducing new mobile apps to a broader audience.

This type of video is advantageous and effective as a stand-out and eye-catching product videos strategy in reaching potential customers.

Therefore, a mobile app explanation video will be perfect for your app marketing strategy if you are developing a new mobile app. Here are five ways animated explainer videos promote your mobile app.

1. Explainer Video Convey Your Ideas

Animated explainer videos are short videos to educate the audiences in an easy-to-understand and compelling way. It has the power to introduce and convey complex ideas of your mobile apps to audiences. 

Hence, explainer videos can be your top-listed video marketing to introduce your new brand. The visualization of this explainer video is usually in the form of images and text, which are presented in a compelling animation with straightforward plots and explanations.

2. They Connect Customers to Your Mobile App Brand

A good video will grab the viewer’s attention in a way that text or images can’t. Most people can efficiently process video information better than any other media type. 

People remember much more what they watched on video than what they read or heard. It has the power to build a strong connection between customers to your mobile app brand through your company’s story. 

It generates an emotional bond with potential customers, builds strong brand identity, and increases awareness.

3. People In Love with Animated Explainer Videos

Cartoons can always win the hearts of everyone, not only children but also adults. The animated characters and eye-catching color choices can encourage viewers to stay and watch until the end of the video.

Hence, animated explainer videos are liked by many people and have become popular because of their eye-catching designs and explanations that help viewers to understand complex concepts. So this can be the right way for you to introduce your new mobile apps to the broader community.

Consumers prefer video content when they search for products. According to surveys, most customers prefer to watch short videos about the products they are interested in rather than read articles about them.

4. Explainer Video Convince and Convert

Many businesses use explainers as their marketing strategy, especially tech companies. It is because its strength can convince and convert potential customers to buy. According to research, embedding explainer video on landing pages can increase up to 80% conversion rates.  

It doesn’t matter how well a business describes its product in writing or showcases it in great photos. However, when demonstrating your mobile app using video, video easily beats these two forms of media. 

Most people will have the chance to have a good experience by watching an interesting animated explanation or someone using or testing a product. They find it more appealing than long boring texts.

5. They bring Incredible ROI

There is no secret that video has become one of the best success-driven strategies for the app launch. 

Animated explainer videos can effectively attract audiences’ attention through their visual animation design. Besides, it is shareable through animated commercials on YouTube channels or website pages.


If you have recently launched a new mobile app, you will need the right marketing strategy for your mobile app to share brand awareness and drive-successful sales. 

Therefore, animated explainer videos can be your mobile app marketing strategy to help your mobile app stand out and be known by the wider community.

So, create your animated explainer videos or use an explainer video production company to make your mobile app videos with optimal results. You will quickly get the five advantages mentioned above from your mobile app explainer video.


Natasha Rei is the Digital Marketing Manager of Explainerd, an explainer video production agency. She ensures strategic goals are met by directing online and social media campaigns.



Okey Chigbu is a tech solutions expert. He helps business owners and personal brands grow and scale their brands using digital tools and solutions. He loves sharing valuable resources with his audience.

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