SSL Certificate
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Why You need to use SSL Certificate on your website

Do you have an SSL Certificate on your website? Now, if you do not know what an SSL certificate is, let’s look at that first.

why backup a website
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4 strong reasons why you need to backup your website regularly

One of the mistakes website owners make is not thinking about or planning for a backup of their website.  This is what happens to many

organic traffic to your website
Digital Marketing

6 Powerful ways to get quality and targeted organic traffic to your website

Discover 6 Practical Ways To Drive Quality  Organic Traffic To Your Website As a website or blog owner, getting targeted Organic traffic should be one

Virus attack on website
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5 Ways to Prevent Virus or Malicious attacks on your website

How to Prevent Virus attacks on your website Imagine trying to access your website and suddenly discover that your website is either not opening or

build with WordPress
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Should I build my website from scratch or use WordPress?

This is a question most startups or business owners are faced with, whether to build their website from scratch or build with WordPress. Let me

website maintenance
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Why You Must Have A Maintenance Plan For Your Website

Having a website maintenance plan is important for the safety and efficiency of your website. Your website is at risk without a maintenance plan.  If