To build a high converting website, we need to first address what a high converting website is.

I will simply say a high converting website is a website that meets the goal of both the user and the website owner.

Conversion in a website happens when a user takes a specific action that helps the website owner achieve his or her business goals.

To achieve this goal, you must make sure the user finds what he or she is looking for when they land on your website, or else they will leave immediately and this will result in a high bounce rate. (bounce rate is how long a user stays from when they land on your website to when they leave), you must aim for a low bounce rate and this means the user found what makes him stay long.

5 Things to consider to make your website convert

1. Have a clear and concise value proposition: This is the promise you are making to the user that makes the user say yes, this is what I am looking for. It should be stated clearly in your hero area with an accompanying call to action.

2. Non-confusing navigation menu: Don’t overcrowd your navigation menu with a lot of items. Put only the items that will take the user to your important pages and move the rest to your footer area.

3. Clear Call to Action(CTA): Have CTA buttons or links that prompt the user to take a specific action. Make it action-oriented and let it stand out with a clear color. Use action words like Book A Call Now, Subscribe For A Free Guide Now, Get 20% Discount Now, etc.

4. Testimonials and Reviews: Share reviews and testimonials of past clients or buyers and this will assure the user that you are trusted and reliable and it will remove any doubt they may have.

5. Fast Loading: Make sure your website loads fast so that the user won’t feel frustrated and leave. Don’t use heavy images, If you are using WordPress, limit the use of plugins and delete any plugin or theme that is not in use. You can also make use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

There are other things that you can do to make your website convert but these are the most important factors to look into and they are easy to implement.

If you need more help, feel free to ask.



Okey Chigbu is a tech solutions expert. He helps business owners and personal brands grow and scale their brands using digital tools and solutions. He loves sharing valuable resources with his audience.

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